Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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At Excel Psychology we understand that in order for your business to run at optimum, your staff need to able to be at their best on physical and mental well-being levels but maintaining the perfect balance is often challenging. Where there is growth in business comes change and increased or different demands which can lead to challenges for staff dealing with such changes.

In the face of retrenchment, high turnover, workload stress, interpersonal conflict, leadership change, infrastructure developments, new workplace culture initiatives and many other workplace transitions, the following can often occur and be felt and experienced by employees:

  • feelings of fear and anxiousness, grief and loss
  • depression, fatigue, frustration and disengagement from other colleagues
  • decline in productivity, work quality, motivation and interest in work itself
  • increases in sick leave and absenteeism
  • increased risk and incidence of workplace injuries

Without preventative and support strategies in place, employers can greatly risk not only the financial success of the business but the health and wellbeing of their team which can lead to long-term decline. Human resources consultants become increasingly burdened with responsibilities to exercise a duty of care which falls well outside their scope.

Research evidence has shown that having an Employee Assistance Program in place as part of the people management initiatives in the business can greatly reduce the cost of decreased productivity, absenteeism and unwanted turnover that negatively impacts the workplace.

Our team of psychologists is well-equipped to support, work with and guide individuals and teams to work through those transitions that affect them both in their professional and personal lives. We assist individuals, their families and the business through applying solution-focused education, consultation and counselling for achieving optimal positive change.

Fostering mentally healthy workplaces means great workplace satisfaction, productivity, and great business overall!

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